High Functioning Failure

I have a lot of fandoms.
Feel a lot of pain.
Need a lot of love.
Let me cry on your shoulder.
Formerly clockworkconsultant, privetbakerabbey.
it’s like catching lightning, the chances of finding
someone like you
it’s one in a million, the chances of feeling
the way we do

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I spent the weekend creating these renders of The Avatar with their native elements. Hope you guys enjoy them! (sorry the quality got kind of reduced)


Friendly reminder that this

and this

took place less than a year apart.

Supernatural Characters as Avatar Benders


Sam as a Waterbender, partly because of his past affinity for liquids:

Dean as an Earthbender, because of those green eyes

Castiel as an Airbender, because he has wings

And Crowley as a Firebender, because Hell is rather toasty